One Sky One World International Kite Fly For Peace in Denver, Colorado USA -- Sunday, October 8, 2017 -- Always the Second Sunday in October!

If you are interested in learning more about OSOW, the annual One Sky One World Kite Fly, or if you would like to help support the organization, use the links below to complete forms and download infomation sheets, or please feel free to e-mail Jane Parker-Ambrose.

Online Forms

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One Sky One World Kite Fly
Sign-Up Form

     We/I have read the Proclamation and Purpose Statements. We/I wish to participate in sponsoring a One Sky One World Kite Fly in Denver on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Registration, Sponsorship & Event Information


After registering at the above link, all applicable fees must be paid by August 24, 2017, 45 days before the event.

Mail payments to:
PO Box 11149
Denver, CO 80211

One Sky One World takes place Rain, Snow or Shine!

One Sky One World Kite Fly
Report Form

Contact Information (Name, Phone, Email)

Site or Location of Event:

# of Participants:   # of Spectators:

Description of the Day (Activities, Weather, Stories...):


Please send pictures to: or

One Sky One World
PO Box 11149
Denver, Colorado 80211-0149

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How To Organize A Fly,
Get Sponsors, and
Get Attention

Guidelines for staging a One Sky One World Event

First, you must choose adequate and attractive facilities.

a.  Open space, free of hazards.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Utility lines and kite
flying are not compatible partners.  Be very careful to select your site so it does
not pose danger or potential damage to utility lines.

b.  Have public address system.  Bullhorn is preferable to a P.A. system, which might be too small to cover large areas.

c.  Lavatories must be accessible.  (Always seek handicapped-accessible
restrooms or identify closest alternative).

d.  Good turf or sand.  (Weeds will wreak havoc).

e.  Food.  At the very least, drinking water or beverages should be available.
Some groups may choose a "pot luck" or "bring your own picnic."
Organizationally run or sponsored food booths, carts or concessions are possible
where larger numbers of participants are anticipated.

f.   Parking and adequate signage around the event area and approaches.

g.  Kite hospital.  (Bring glue, paper, utility knife, scissors, various tapes, wire,
plastic tubing, dowels, string, etc.)  Get as clever as possible.

h.  Kite Workshop.  Use the OSOW Paper Bag Kite Kit.  Local libraries may have
information on templates for creating your own kites.

i.    Encourage innovation in kite making and flying.  Kites, banners, wind sculptures expressing the event theme and other complimentary activities such as food booths, workshops, a repair hospital, etc., are also encouraged.

Choose a location open to the winds from as many sides as possible.  (Where available, choose a location near water; wind is more likely). Setting should be as attractive as possible, with good community access.

Appeal to kite fliers of all levels.  IMPORTANT:  Your One Sky One World event will most likely include two-string "Stunter" kites.  Please be advised that it is essential to set aside an area specifically for that purpose.  In the interest of safety, "Stunter" areas must have clear markings and signage that alert participants and spectators to stay out of the area.  Ask flyers of very large kites to move further down wind.

Record the number of participants, kites flown, and estimate the number of spectators who witnessed the event. Get people to sign the Attendance Signature Sheets so we can evidence substantial numbers. Document the event in as many ways as possible: home video, kite aerial photography, film, photographs and slides.  Be sure to send us what you may want to be published on the web page.

Important:  Send attendance sheet(s), any reports, pictures, and documentation as soon as possible after the event to One Sky One World.

Please remember to plan for cleanup and trash removal of your site.  Never underestimate the importance of maintaining good relations with the owner or manager who has allowed you to use the land for the event. If it seems feasible, consider leaving the area you use in cleaner condition than when you arrived. That will send a strong and emphatic message of your appreciation and respect for the earth as well as the skies, consistent with the theme of the event.

Getting Sponsorship
Try to interest other community-based organizations such as service clubs, religious and interfaith groups, institutions serving the handicapped and elderly, schools, local government agencies, peace groups and chapters of international organizations (e.g. Sister Cities, Unesco, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, etc.) in sponsorship and participation.  Recruit volunteers in the process.
Subsidizing or giving away the OSOW Kites can provide promotional and philanthropic opportunities for sponsors.  With enough lead-time, sponsors' names can be printed on the kites (contact OSOW for information), or stickers can be made which can be affixed to the kites.

Getting Attention
Make a mailing list of organizations, news services, newspapers, radio and TV stations.  Make a list of locations for posters. When possible, do your own posters using One Sky One World logos we will send to you or you can take off of the website.  Distribute them widely. Call or visit local TV, radio, magazines and newspapers to tell them about the event.  Begin sending press releases out as soon as you have a location. A 30 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) for radio and/or TV can be composed from the Sample Press Release that you can download from the web page under the category of Get Involved.  You should begin this process 3 months before the event (in July) with your first release and the PSA.  You may wish to include a cover letter requesting public service airtime. Where possible, publicize the event to offices of international, national and/or regional media.

The One Sky One World Organization will do as much as it can to get media coverage of the event. 

On the day before your event remind newspapers (city desks and, where appropriate, photo desks), and TV (news assignment desks) of One Sky One World. TV coverage will help get more national and international attention.

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One Sky One World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.